Writing Prompt 4/12/2021 #writingprompt #getjuicesflowing

April 12, 2021

Shane flew down to the field to check for the runner. He used his slow motion view to find him running outside the barn. He flew down and landed in front of him. “You need to stop there!”
“You will never catch me, Shane!” the bad guy said. “I will end your life if you keep coming after me.”
Shane put his hands out and waves of force came from the hands and pushed the bad guy to the ground. Shane put anti-power gloves on the bad guy and linked his arms with his and flew back to the station. The station was floating in midair above the clouds. It was invisible to any plane and any computer system. Shane flew up and landed on the front doors. The doors slid open, and he walked the bad guy into the building. Clapping emerged from every corner of the building. “Way to go”, “Good catch”, “Well done!” The superhero crowds were yelling.
Shane walked him back to his cell. This cell was no ordinary cell, it kept all supernatural’s powers suppressed once walking through the door. It was built for keeping them tucked away until they were released. “This is where you are going to stay until the council meets and discuses your plan to better yourself.” The Shane said, closing the door.
When he went back to the main lobby, the oversee-re used her hands to gesture Shane to her office for a discussion. When Shane came in, he sat down in front of the desk.
“I would like to promote you to detective of the supernatural department.” The oversee-re suggested.
“Mam, as much as I would like to do that, my powers aren’t strong enough to be a detective.” Shane replied.
“We saw you take down the bad guy and bring him in for justice. You are ready, Shane.”
She is so beautiful when she is leading and doing her job. I wish I could ask her out for a date, Shane thought. “I need more training before I attempt to become a detective.” Shane stated. “Anyway, I am more helpful here at the moment. I’m not ready, Mam, please let me continue working as I am.”
“Okay, for now. I want you to reconsider this position soon.” She stated.

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