Welcome 2021!

January 1, 2021

Welcome year 2021. This year was on everyone’s mind and eagerly waited by many people. This year I will work on finishing a book and getting it published. Federal Magic of Investigation or FMI is the book I would like to finish, self-edited, professionally edited, and self-publish. My goal is to get it published by end of summer.

We all know that many things have disrupted our lives in 2020. It affected me and many others. My goal was to get two books written by the end of the year. I had one half way finished and started working on FMI. I wish everyone a good year of getting their goals completed!

To help me finish my goals, my fantastic and amazing wife bought me a writer’s planner to help me plan out my book and plan out my year. She didn’t want me to miss any important dates either. Thank you, love! You are an amazing person.

Have a glorious New Year, I will write soon!

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