Gemini & the Cancer (Ballroom Scene)

February 6, 2021

The first thing he needs to do is get out of the armor. He doesn’t want Gerald to see him wandering about in armor. He goes up to his room and looks around the top corridor for help to get out of his armor. There isn’t anyone there. He goes to his room and does his best to start getting out. He starts with boots and is already out of breath from running and trying to get to his room unnoticed. What Liam thought took an eternity, he got all his armor off. But the trickiest part is getting back on when he has to get back to the front of the castle to continue his duty.
He went in out of people in the ballroom looking for Alina. “She shouldn’t be hard to find.” He thought. Finally he found her in the back of the ballroom. “My name is Liam Clark.” he whispered.
She jumped and looked at him. “You scared me! You should feel ashamed of yourself.” she yelled.
Luckily it’s too loud in the ball room no one heard her yelling at Liam. He looked around, “Shush..” He put his finger to his mouth. “They don’t know I am out of suit. I wanted to come see you and tell you my name and apologize for being rude at the door.” Liam said.
“Can you meet me out back by the circle garden in about 5 minutes?” Liam asked.
“Okay.” she replied.
Before Liam headed to the garden. He went around the castle and peeped on his replacement at the gate from around the corner. So far he looked content with standing there, and there weren’t any issues yet. He continued back to the garden and sat on one of the stone benches and waited for her. What felt like hours, only to be minutes for her to show up. She came walking down the path and sat next to him. “What is it you want to talk about?” She asked.
“I have never in my life felt in my stomach and heart for another person as I have when I saw you come to the door of the castle.” Liam said.
Alina put her hand over her mouth and reached out to touch Liam’s hand. Liam halted, he could feel his heart pounding through all his body. He looked down and smiled and then continued. “I want to be with you Alina and I will do anything to make that happen.” She removed her hand and looked down. “Do you not feel that same, Alina?” he asked.
“I have the same feelings that you have Liam, our parents wouldn’t allow us to be together. We are different family types.” Alina responded.
“I said I would do..” A guard, and the king came running up. “Alina! What are you doing out here?” King Killian yelled.
Alina jumped off the bench. “I was talking to Liam, sire.” she said as she bowed. “We were discussing the ball and how beautiful it was and how well of a job you did.” Soon after, she said that Gerald came behind. 
“Liam! What are you doing out suit, I left you at the door!” His voice shrieking. Liam stood up and bowed shortly after Alina. “I’m sorry your majesty, I was ..”
“Enough! Guard, take him to the throne room, immediately! We will need to talk to Liam in private.” Gerald yelled.
“Alina, you need to rejoin the ball and to never talk to Liam again! Do you understand me!” the King yelled.
Alina jumped at his voice. “I understand your sire.” she said running back into the castle wiping her face with her hands.
“Gerald, I will meet you in the throne room as soon as I check on the ball.” the king said.
Gerald gave a deep bow to his majesty and followed the guards and Liam back to the throne room.

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