Federal Magic of Investigation: Reality Awaits

July 3, 2020

Status: Rewrite

It was a day just like any other.

While reading his favorite book, Darius’s safe and familiar world is turned completely upside down by a simple knock at the door.

After learning of his father’s sudden passing, Darius must now acquire new skills and face a destiny that he never even knew was possible.

A fateful encounter at the funeral will lead Darius towards a new life and show him new adventures – much like the ones in the book he was reading before all of this happened.

The secrets of his father’s past will be revealed – secrets that Darius must unlock if he is to understand his own future, and be able to navigate through this new reality where everything he used to know has changed… 

Federal Magic of Investigation: Reality Awaits or FMI for short has been on my writing list for a few months. It is the closest to being done and I am halfway through the first draft. I am excited to get this book out. I will have it on kindle select and through Ingram spark for hardcover and paperback.

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