Writing Tools

February 8, 2021

This has been an interesting week. We have had snow days the last few days. It has allowed me to catch up on some writing. I have over half of the short story Gemini & the Cancer written. I look forward to edits and putting out my newsletter.

I have found a few sites useful as I am writing out this short story. One of them is https://ambient-mixer.com/ This website is great for listening to certain sounds or music that pertains to a scene you are writing.

Another site I started using for a particular tool. https://wavemaker.cards This site has a challenge tool that has a time built in. It allows me to write with the fear of loosing my work. I live off adrenaline and this helps me write better.

Another tool I have been using is Typing Chimp Suite. This lets me write using character plotting and moving the story along from the character standpoint.

The last tool I started using these last couple of days is the Hemingway Editor. They released a software version for windows and mac. It also allows me to to send all my posts direct to my wordpress from the editor. Nice function to have!

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