Quest Decks for Writing

February 11, 2021

A couple of days I talked about tools used for writing. I am writing a LitRPG book. The title is Samantha Blare and Dalxion Online. This book hit me when I read a few LitRPG books. Siphon: A Fantasy LitRPG Saga: by Jay Boyce.

If you have read none of her books yet. I highly recommend them. Currently, she has three in this saga. I came up with a story in this genre and I have had a ton of fun writing. I am not currently writing it now though, other ideas took precedence in my writing life.

I look forward to going back to it and write it tough. I found some tools to help me with questing in that book. I used Kickstarter to find Quest Decks. They typically use these for D&D but, I found them to be useful for writing books as well. I will add pictures at the bottom. I enjoy finding new tools to help me write.

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